Tall London escorts

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Tata Marble Arch
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Whenever our beloved clients call us to make a booking, one of the most required features is the height of their chosen girl. For this reason, VIP Companion International has decided to put together a list of tall girls for our clients to choose from.

Tall women are very fascinating per se. They have the figure of a supermodel and they are able to catch everyone's attention when walking down the street. If you are out on a date with a tall woman, you will certainly get a lot of looks from jealous men as well as women! Our tall escorts hold themselves very well in public, so they are perfect candidates for dinner dates and various types of events. Whether you want to spoil yourself for an evening or impress some friends and colleagues with your hot date, any of our tall escort ladies will make a great first impression.

Contrarily to what most people think, tall women really are for everyone. Nowadays we see a lot of couples where the woman is taller than her partner, height is no longer an obstacle in relationships. Some guys even prefer having girlfriends who are taller than them; this way, they can better showcase their stunning companion in all her charm and beauty. If the girl is not sufficiently tall, some guys would usually ask her to wear super-high heels, which may be a bit uncomfortable to walk around with. Our tall girls don't have this problem, they could be wearing flat or small stilettos and still be the eyecatcher in the room.

Our tall escorts come from all parts of the world, including South America, Eastern Europe and Russia. With their long legs and slender bodies, they have a figure to die for. Tall girls have the advantage of being able to wear virtually anything. Because of their great bodies, they will look good with elegant, provocative, sporty and even casual clothing. They can wear something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt and have every man in the street looking at them! If you have any specific requirements in terms of attire that you would like your girl to wear, please do let us know in advance. We will inform the escort promptly and she will do her very best to accommodate. Our girls have a vast selection of sexy lingerie as well as clothes, they also have outfits for role play and other fantasies you may wish to play during your hot date.

Have you ever wanted to go on a date with a model? Most men would definitely respond "yes"! We have carefully selected stunning girls for our tall escorts gallery, the majority of them are actually models in their daily lives. Some of them have been modelling in their country of origin before moving to the UK, other girls are currently on the catwalks in London, Dubai or Paris. You will see that our models not only stand out for their beauty, but also for the way they carry themselves as well as their style. These girls are real perfectionists when it comes to their image; they want to look and feel awesome every time they walk out of the house. A date with one of our tall models is a real treat! What are you waiting for? Give us a call now to book a beautiful model for a short meeting, an evening, or even an entire night of sensual passion!