Russian Escorts in London

One of the most requested categories from our regular as well as new clients is Russian escorts. Some customers specifically call VIP Companion International to request a Russian entertainer; other times, when we ask clients what their preferred nationality would be - Russia always comes on top! For this reason, we have decided to focus our efforts on recruiting the very best London has to offer when it comes to Russian girls. You will find more authentic Russian ladies on our site compared to any other escort agency in London. We are very careful in distinguishing Russians from other Eastern European ladies; different nationalities have unique charm and character, and we are very careful in categorizing our girls accurately so you will get exactly what you asked for.

Russian ladies are famous all around the World for their looks and charms. These ladies are always impeccably dressed and styled. It is known that Russians love traveling the world, they enjoy the big city life and you will find large Russian communities in major capitals around Europe and Worldwide. London has been one of their preferred destinations for many years, many Russians even decide to settle here for the longer term. It’s quite easy to recognize them on the street - they are usually tall, charming, sophisticated, and confident. Their English is impeccable and their Russian accent makes things that little bit sexier.

One of the tales most travelers visiting Russia usually refers to is the exceptionally high concentration of beauties in one country! Walking down the streets of Moscow or St Petersburg, it is shocking to find that most women look like supermodels. Their beauty is flawless and natural, as Russians don’t need plastic surgery in order to look good. Their genes are an interesting mix of east and west, carefully selecting the best of both worlds. These women are loved all over their worlds for their gentle features, deep blue eyes, and youthful appearance.

Russian women are the definition of femininity. They represent the vulnerable damsel every man secretly desires, yet they are strong inside and know what they want. Firm in their thoughts but soft in their behavior, their seduction skills are simply second nature. During a date, everything flows naturally as it would with a girlfriend, as the girls know how to put men at ease and entertain them with interesting conversation as well as a flirty attitude.

Most people say Russian charm lies in the ladies' unpretentious sophistication. Russians have a great sense of style and fashion is a very important part of their culture. They know what looks good and what doesn’t, and they don’t need to try too hard to appear glamorous. They have confidence in their sophisticated appearance, and that’s what makes them really attractive.

Russian women have good genes by nature and are famous for their slender bodies and long legs. They usually work out to keep themselves healthy and fit, no wonder they usually look younger than their actual age. Russian girls enjoy spending time with other Russians, but they dislike copying each other’s styles -Each develops their own, and they can be really daring and experimental!

Russian culture inspires women to embrace their femininity from a young age, Russian mothers are keen to teach their daughters good manners and pose, as well as other distinctive traits of a true lady. Growing up is no easy task in Russia, where there is a lot of competition when it comes to looks and style. Russian girls constantly challenge but also inspire each other to be the prettiest, most fashionable, most wanted lady out there. That’s the reason why the majority of Russian women develop an excellent sense of style, accompanied by impeccable manners and real attention to detail when it comes to their appearance. From flawless skin to hands, legs, feet, and hair, everything is groomed to perfection before they leave the house!

If you are looking for a lady to impress, a Russian escort is definitely the answer. She will turn heads wherever she goes, always making sure she is appropriately dressed for the occasion and the specific venue she is attending. Please feel free to make any specific request as to what you would like your lady to wear, they have a very extensive selection of outfits and they will surely find something that will impress you. You can also request different types of lingerie for your chosen girl, rest assured that she will be more than happy to oblige!

Russian girls can definitely drink, and know how to have fun! If you are looking for a lady to spice up your night, a Russian escort is guaranteed to be the life and soul of the party. They truly enjoy drinking and dancing until the early hours in the morning, making them perfect entertainers for groups and larger parties. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation, you can also book a group of girls, our ladies get on very well with each other and we are able to advise what the perfect mix would be, whether you want a classy party, something romantic or a little on the wild side! We have something for every taste and we can confidently say that our ladies enjoy working together as well as socializing with new girls. Giving us a call is the best and most efficient way to discuss your requirements and place your booking. We enjoy providing personalized service to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their experience.