Petite London escorts

On this page, you will find a selection of beautiful petite girls available here at VIP Companion International.

We are often told by our clients that petite girls tend to be more feminine because of their small figure and tiny waist. They could be wearing a casual outfit, short hair and trainers, and still, look extremely cute. We are also told that petite women usually look younger than their actual age - this is a bonus if you like a youthful and fresh look on your lady - picking a date amongst petite girls will give you a lot more choice.

We all know women look sexier in heels; a beautiful pair of stilettos can make a ladies' legs look elongated and gorgeous - if worn with a short skirt or a little black dress, it will be hard to resist. Platform heels are also extremely appealing - they make a statement in terms of the woman's sexuality and fashion style, men say they find platforms to be the most erotic type of shoes that a woman can wear. Well, the good news is that petite ladies can wear it all! From those classy 3-inch stilettos to the uber sexy 6-inch Louboutins, they have no problem because of their small and versatile figure. Any heel height will make their legs look stunning and never out of proportion. Even when they wear extremely high heeled shoes, they will never be too tall and they will match well with their partners if they go out on a dinner date or a night out with other friends.

Because of their small figure, petite women tend to be extremely well-proportioned. Their bodies are very pleasing to look at, their skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. Imagine having a date with a dancer or a gymnast; these women are graceful, poised and elegant. The majority of escorts tend to be tall, so our little beauties are a real treat that is hard to find elsewhere. As with all girls here at VIP Companion International, we only select the most beautiful and professional ladies to work with us. Rest assured that we meet each girl personally and make time in order to get to know them. Whenever we give a recommendation, you can be sure that we will do our best to match you with the type of girl that better suits your requirements.

Which man doesn't enjoy the feeling of lifting his woman in his arms? It might be a little cliche, but it's certainly something most guys enjoy doing and it's very well received by women as well; every girl wants a guy who is powerful and protective towards them. With petite girls, you will really feel like you are the one in charge. If you would like to switch roles during the course of your date, our girls would be more than happy to do so. Small figure doesn't' mean small personality - our petite girls are full of charisma, imagination and character; they can be really dominant too sometimes! It goes without saying that you can be more experimental in the bedroom with a petite girl, because of her small frame it will be much easier to handle her and try different positions that you just wouldn't be able to do with anyone. Just like sexy gymnasts, our petite girls are light, flexible and strong - imagine how much fun you could have with a girl like this! The list of choices is endless, you may need much more than an hour to satisfy all your needs and your curiosity!