Party Escorts

Welcome to one of the most clicked pages on our website: party escorts! Here you will find a list of our top entertainers for nights out as well as private parties. As we have a high number of requests for party girls, we make sure our page is updated as frequently as possible - we have a vast collection of stunningly beautiful and fun girls available for you day and night. You will find a lot of variety in terms of looks, nationality, age and personality - if you can't choose, why not book more than one? Many of our ladies enjoy partying with other girls and this way the fun doubles for you too.

Party girls at VIP Companion International know how to have a good time, and we can guarantee they will be the life and soul of your party! If you have a special occasion to celebrate, or if you simply want to have a night all to yourself, these wonderful girls will make sure you have the best time ever. Many of our party girl bookings are for stag dos, leaving dos, birthday parties or travels abroad. If none of these applies, it's always a good idea to get your friends together and enjoy some special times!

Our girls are very sociable, they love going out and meeting new people. Very friendly and approachable, they will easily adapt to different kind of parties. When they are not working you will usually find them partying with their friends in London West End’s bars and clubs, but they enjoy private after parties too. Our girls are great dancers and entertainers, they have a lot of stamina and when they are out with their friends, they are always the very last ones to go home. VIP Companion International’s party girls live by the night - they have no problem keeping you up until the early hours in the morning whether you want to talk, party, play fun games or be naughty.

Sometimes when you have a private gathering it can be hard to get new people chatting with each other. Our girls have mastered the art of bringing people together and making sure everyone is comfortable and relaxed. Partying alone is not fun, our girls will always ensure none of your friends feels left out. This way things move quickly and the evening starts getting hotter and hotter in the blink of an eye! Our gorgeous ladies are extremely versatile, they party because they enjoy it, but they’ll also be checking that everyone else is having a good time and that the evening proceeds smoothly. There will never be a dull or boring moment during your night, our girls know how to spice things up and keep energy levels high.

Our party girls are good drinkers and can handle their alcohol for sure, you can test them out anytime! Despite their extravagant lifestyle, the ladies make sure they lead a healthy lifestyle and give themselves enough time to recover. After all, they have to look amazing every time they step out of their house, and there’s nothing sexier than a healthy look! As all of our escort ladies, they are always well-presented and impeccably dressed. Partying is in their nature and they know how to hold themselves together and carry on looking gorgeous whilst everyone else is getting tired.

We have worked hard in order to put together a very special selection of the best party girls available in London, you can book them via phone or using the convenient booking form on our website. What are you waiting for? Get your party started!