New escorts

On this page, you will find a list of the newest escorts available at VIP Companion International. Our customers are always looking for something fresh, and we do our very best to recruit new girls and update our collection of beauties as often as possible. We realise how important it is to have brand new girls on a regular basis, it really does keep the excitement level up for everyone! Here at VIP Companion International, we are very proud to bring you the newest faces in London - from blondes to brunettes, from curvy to slim ladies, we strive to bring you a collection of different girls so you can pick from a variety of gorgeous escorts.

There is something very exciting about meeting brand new escorts. Some of these ladies are new to the industry, some have just moved to London to pursue a new exciting lifestyle. You will see that our new girls come from all parts of the World, including but not limited to South America, Russia and Europe. Some of our ladies are only in London for a limited period of time, such as a few months or even just a few weeks, you should try to catch them while you can!

As one of the top escort agencies in London, we are always looking to add new talents to our gallery of stunning escort girls. Rest assured that all girls go through our rigorous screening process. Escorts at VIP Companion International are not just beautiful women, they have great personalities too. We put a lot of effort into making sure our girls have it all! We meet each lady in person, no exceptions made; we also take time to get to know them and understand their personality. Our ladies need to have good manners, style, be able to hold an interesting conversation and, above all, be lots of fun!

For many new girls escorting is an adventure and they are very enthusiastic about it. We want them to enjoy what they do and have fun doing it - we believe that happy girls make happy clients. As long as our girls are well-behaved, well-mannered and professional, we want them to be themselves and feel free to show their personality and sensuality during meetings. Many of our girls have a lot of charisma, something which drives our clients crazy!

We are often told that girls new to escorting are very spontaneous and full of life. They are passionate about what they have just started and they do their very best to provide excellent service for their clients. There is nothing more erotic about a young girl walking through your door with confidence, excitement and charisma. We believe that new escorts are extremely sensual and eager to please, no matter their background or origins.

Many of our new escorts begin having regular clients very quickly. It is very interesting for them to start seeing someone and build a rapport with them. We also find that clients get particularly enthusiastic about specific new girls, and they keep asking for the same lady over and over again. Many of our girls are students, models or work in other professional sectors. They have ordinary lives and they enjoy travelling and seeing the world. Our escorts are normal girls, but they tend to be extremely sensual and more adventurous than most women out there. Overall, they are very interesting people to talk to and you will find that time flies by when you are in their company. These girls are very attractive both on a physical and mental level, a very powerful combination!

We always recommend our clients to see different types of girls, they will usually be positively impressed. We understand that most men have a certain type of lady that they are attracted to; some prefer blondes over brunettes, others will always go for curvy ladies rather than slim. We are also told by many clients that they have a fascination with enhanced escorts or with particularly shy and innocent-looking girls. Whatever your type is, our advice will always be: try something different once in a while, and let our ladies surprise you! If you have been seeing the same type of girl for a long time it's always a good idea to change and try something new. Even though you are comfortable with your taste and your preferred ladies, you may discover that you are starting to like something different.

When adding pictures of new escorts to our gallery we always make sure that the photos are realistic and show the girl for what she really looks like. We don’t like overly retouched photos as they can be misleading for our clients. When booking an appointment with any of VIP Companion International’s girls, you can be sure the girl in the photo is the one you will meet in real life. Pictures are updated regularly to reflect eventual changes that any escort may decide to make. For example, if one of our ladies decides to dye her hair from brown to blonde, or goes for a haircut that significantly changes her image, we would ask her to refresh her photos to make sure they reflect her new look accurately.

You can book any of our new escorts by phone or using the convenient booking form on our website. As you can imagine, many of our new girls are in high demand and get booked up quickly, particularly during the evening and at weekends. If you have a specific girl in mind, we always recommend you try to book in advance to make sure that she is available. However, if you are looking for someone at short notice, rest assured that we will always be able to accommodate your request. We have a big gallery of girls to choose from, we are sure that you will find someone you really like.