British Escorts

VIP Companion International has galleries of beautiful London escorts from all over the world however given that we are based in London, the most popular types of London escorts has to be the British escorts by far. Our elite London escort agency caters to the needs of discerning gentlemen from all over the world. Usually we deal with clients who are staying in London from abroad and whilst they enjoy experiencing London life they wish to do so with a genuine British escort too. Our gallery of beautiful British escorts include escort girls from all over the UK as well as the Capital itself and so clients can enjoy the hospitality of someone local whilst they are here.


There are a number of escort agencies in London who have extensive galleries of the most beautiful escorts however many of them come from other places in the world rather than the UK itself. At VIP Companion International we like to ensure that visiting clients as well as local gents get to spend some time with our eloquent and elegant British escorts and experience the wonderful genteel hospitality these escorts are known for.


Most people have a pre-conceived idea as to how they expect their British escort to be and in  most cases this is indeed true. Our British and English escorts are all very well spoken and extremely well educated although not just in academic subjects. These are the girls who are well versed in social etiquette and always know the expected behaviour in all social circles. If you have a formal engagement to attend and want to be seen in the very best possible light then a date with one of our British escorts is the most suitable for you. Our ladies are refined, glamorous in an understated way and their effortless beauty and universal appeal will ensure that they are the perfect foil for your own debonair and suave sophistication.


The British character is known for its down to earth properties and lack of shockability and indeed our very own British escorts are the epitome of this. They are all adventurous and outrageously open minded and there is very little that could cause them to raise their eyebrows given that they are happy to accept all kinks and differences.


The British sense of humour is very dry and subtle. Our British escorts have a certain way with words that will leave you with a sense of awe and admiration. There is no situation that they cannot deal with effectively and their experience and flair for fun in boundless.  In a city where the action never stops one should be able to keep up and when you are in the company of our British escorts in London the choices for that fun are endless.


Why not browse our British escorts gallery and see which of our English stunners appeals to you and remember that even though w are a London based escort agency, all our London escorts are available for international travel should you desire - even our British escorts.