Adventurous Escorts

For the most part, men only have one specific preference in a woman that they all agree on. It does not matter whether she is blonde or brunettes, busty or mature the things that most men find especially alluring is the fact that she is confident. When a woman knows exactly what she wants and how to get it then that is the greatest turn on a man could ask for and if she is the type of woman who is willing and eager to explore other areas of desire then all the better!


At VIP Companion International we call these types of exciting and highly attractive women our adventurous escorts and these are the girls you really want to enjoy a date with as they have those qualities that make them so very special. Our adventurous escorts are confident in themselves and are keen to enjoy all aspects of pleasure without discrimination.


At VIP Companion International London escort agency we select our escorts not only because of their beauty and physical appeal. We know that with erotic attraction there is an additional element that needs to be present regardless of the looks of the London escort. All our ladies are adventurous and outgoing and fantastic fun to be with. Clients will always feel that they have met their match in our companions because our escorts are only too happy to explore new and exciting avenues of desire.


Most men can relate to the fact that a relationship can go stale at some point. The same old routine can become boring and uninspiring however with our beautiful London escorts there is always an excitement and sense of anticipation and our adventurous escorts are definitely those ladies who always have a little surprise waiting!


Adventure means different things to different people. Adventure to some might involve trying something new or enjoying themselves in a new place. Role play and fantasy fun always features high on the list of erotic games that our adventurous London escorts enjoy and even some of those more taboo pleasures that other escorts are not keen to enjoy or even try. Our adventurous escorts are nothing if not fun. They have the confidence and skills to ensure that anything new is always enjoyable but it is the fact that they are the ones to instigate it that is the real turn on.


Most men will agree that being the leader at all times can become boring. Our adventurous London escorts are certainly not the type of women who take a back seat position all the time. They like to take control and guide their fun in the direction they want it to go and always have new ways and naughty ideas about what they find pleasurable and in most cases our clients are more than happy to concede to a more submissive role.


A date with our adventurous escorts is not about domination but confidence so if you are in need of something spicy and sexy and a whole lot of fun then why not call and let us know that it is adventure you are after!