A-level escorts are sometimes known as A+ escorts or A team escorts. Different escort agencies use different ways to describe the same thing - that those particular escorts enjoy A levels - otherwise known as anal fun. Of course in some circles, this term can be confused with the academic meaning but where an escort is referred to, this is actually what is meant.

A-Levels are an acquired taste and many ladies do not find enjoyment in this type of fun however given that our portfolio is so extensive with all types of escort girls from all over the World, we have a number of high-class escorts who share your passion for anal pleasure. This is of course an absolute delight to our clients who also like to engage and experience this type of fun as the secret to a successful encounter is in the fact that the couple shares the same pleasures and preferences.


At VIP Companion International we do not place any limitations on our beautiful entertainers and they are free to express themselves as they desire. We make a point of noting the types of fun that they state that they enjoy however of course it is always best to come to a mutually enjoyable understanding between the couple in private before suggesting any type of fun.

As you can see from our galleries we have a number of beautiful model escorts in London who enjoy A levels. We like to ensure that each of our specialist galleries contains a mixture of different types of escorts so those clients who love blondes, brunettes, or busty girls have a wonderful choice when it comes to fulfilling their dreams.


A-Levels are not usually something that many women are happy to experience. Many of our clients find that previous partners have not been keen to experiment and so they are delighted when they find that they can enjoy some of the more taboo pleasures with someone who shares their desire. Our London escorts are nothing if not adventurous and the different types of fun that they enjoy and have experienced are extensive and there are few things that our ladies have not experienced. With fetish and other taboo pleasures being more openly accepted, they lose their shock factor, and as people become more open to trying new things out when they become more mainstream and publicly acceptable and so it is with the so-called kinky pleasures such as A-Levels. Our A escorts are delightfully fun and very open-minded. They are considered to be adventurous and confident and happy to take the lead where their clients maybe a little more reticent. If you are looking to enjoy a date with one of our beautiful A-Level escorts then do make a point of mentioning this when making your date. We know all our escorts personally so are best placed to be able to advise as to the suitability of your chosen escort for your personal needs.