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If heaven were a place on earth it would be Los Angeles. The city of the Angels is an apt name for this paradise of epic proportions. No wonder it is the city of dreamers, optimists and aspirations as below the world famous Hollywood sign are literally millions of people who are all living the dream.

In a city where all the beautiful people live it can be difficult to stand out. Our elite LA escorts certainly do that with their refined elegance and sensual poise. All our elite Los Angeles escorts are experienced and exquisite women with an air of quiet confidence and erotic allure about them. They have a magnetism about them that draws people instinctively to them. Our high class LA escorts are naturally enchanting and we promise you will be utterly captivated by them.

Given that our International escort agency is based in London we do have teams who are located in all the major cities that we cover. Our LA escorts are available to visit clients in their apartments, Condos or suburban homes as required and are even perfect for social events and dinner dates too.

In Los Angeles there are many opportunities for social events. There are ceremonies and public events that many gentlemen will require a companion. Given the exclusivity of our high class LA escorts, our International escort agency offers a unique choice of International beauties unseen and unavailable anywhere else.

Given the heavenly climate and the 75 miles of blonde sandy beaches, why not enjoy a date with our elite LA escorts by the sea. Lay beside our bikini clad babes and sip margaritas on the sand before indulging in more personal and pleasurable pursuits back at your apartment or hotel. It doesn’t have to be all sun, sea and surf though as there is a strong Arts following in LA and our refined and elite LA escorts thoroughly enjoy visits to the various galleries and museums in the county. If bling is your thing, then of course a star studded event should warrant a date with an elite and exclusive LA escort and at VIP Companion International you are guaranteed to arrive with the most exquisite and breathtaking International escort in LA and you can guarantee you will be the talk of the town for months!

Of course it goes without saying that our high class LA escorts are nothing if not discreet. All aspects of your tryst will remain private and you can consider us to be LA Confidential at all times.

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